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Reissue SSL certificate

Posted by on 17 April 2015 01:45 PM

You can reissue any SSL certificate, it requires if you lost a private key, or changing your server, or for any other reason. Please note! It's possible to reissue active SSL certificate only, it's not possible to reissue order while not issued yet.

SSL Reissue

  1. Login to client area:
  2. Go to "SSL certificates" and find your SSL, click "Details" button
  3. Click to "Reissue" button
  4. Submit new CSR code to the form
  5. Select the DCV validation method
  6. Follow the Reissue process
  7. Domain validation SSL will be reissued once you pass domain validation. OV/EV certificates require short recheck by the certification center, it takes 12-24 hours.

Reissue to change common name

Sectigo SSL certificates allow changing the common name (Domain) during reissue. All you need is to submit CSR with the new common name during reissue, please note, the previous SSL would be instantly revoked.

Change SAN items

During Reissue of SAN SSL certificate, you can modify/change SAN items. Please note, we ignore SAN items from CSR and use the ones submitted in SAN item fields outside CSR.

Sectigo CodeSigning certificate reissue

  1. Login to using credentials you used when you were filling the form;
  2. Find the "Replace" button and click it;
  3. Sectigo would start processing reissue for you.

Thawte/Symantec CodeSigning certificate reissue

  1. Go to End User Portal and request access to your order;
  2. Replace/Reissue CodeSigning SSL using End User Portal