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CSR Problems

Posted by on 17 April 2015 12:20 PM

CSR Code has important standards that must be followed, different CAs (Certification Authorities) have own rules and restrictions. Here are the most known issues that you may face.

Known issues

  • NOT allowed characters in the CSR: # ~ ! $ @ % ^ * & ( ) < > / \ ?, please note, you can use (*)-asterisk when you generate CSR for Wildcard SSL certificates. It's also not allowed to include https:// or http;// in your Common name. All fields must be entered in Latin.
  • The Common Name (Domain Name) in CSR may not contain trailing whitespace! That means that common name contains the symbol "\", it should be removed. Please do not use copy/paste to generate CSR as you may always copy hidden characters.
  • When CSR generated on the IIS (Windows) server it may have a password to protect the private Key. CAs do not allow such CSR codes.