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Order cancellation and refund rules

Posted by on 16 April 2015 06:02 PM

We sell and provide products that should satisfy most customers for 100%, however, we may offer a full refund if for some reason you are not happy or not satisfied with service. We refund for any cases, doesn't matter if a wrong product purchased or changed mind.

SSL Refund rules

  • You would receive a full refund for any order issued within 30-days
  • The only exception is when fake data provided within the verification process OR SSL revoked by CA due to Man-in-the-middle attack or any other criminal/illegal usage of SSL.

By default, all refunds returned to the account balance and available to use for any future purchases. However, we may withdraw funds to the original source (PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney or Bank account) on your request via support ticket.

Cancellation request can be sent only by the owner of the account. PayPal/Skrill refunds completed within 12-24 hours. Bank refunds may take 1-5 business days, depending on your bank and country rules.

How to request a refund for SSL

  1. Login to client area:
  2. Go to "SSL Management", find your SSL Certificate and click "Details" button
  3. Click to "Cancel Order" button
  4. Enter the reason for cancellation and click "Cancel the order" button
  5. You will receive an e-mail with refund information once our managers will review request